The International Vechtrace is a 5-kilometer head race for single sculls, (mixed)doubles and coxed (coastal)fours (sweep and quad). International because of the participants and the race-course: the start is in Germany, the finish in the Netherlands. The meandering river Vecht gives the race an extraordinary character. The race is also renowned for its pleasant atmosphere, good catering and atmospheric accommodation at the Salland rowing club. The regatta is co-organised by Bootsclub Nordhorn from Germany.

Members of the Dutch rowing association KNRB have to register on inschrijving.knrb.nl.


Foreign participants can register by mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The following information must be given for each start number:

- boat type and race category

- name, date of birth and sex of all rowers and cox

- for each participant the name and location of their own rowing club.

Flyers 28th Vechtrace 2019 are available

The flyers are now available, as ever in 3 languages.

You can download here. Send them to your rowing members and friends.

Flyer English

Flyer Dutch

Flyer German


Time Schedule


Registration  : 08:30 - 10:00 
Briefing coxes : 09.45 
Departure to start : 10:00 
Start race : 11:30


Registration : 12.00 - 13.00
Briefing coxes : 12.45 
Departure to start : 13:00 
Start race : 14:30



Sections and Fields

Section 1 Section 2
MM 2x MM 1x
MM 4* M 1x
MM 4+ JM16 2x
MM C4* JM16 4*
M 2x JM16 4+
M 4* JM18 2x
M 4+ JM18 4*
JM16 1x JM18 4+
JM18 1x MW 2x
MW 1x MW 4*
W 1x MW 4+
JW16 2x MW C4*
JW16 4* W 2x
JW16 4+ W 4*
JW18 2x W 4+
JW18 4* JW16 1x
JW18 4+ JW18 1x
Mix 2x Mix 4*
Mix 4+ ** Only fields of Section 1

International Vechtrace - an impression

You have not participated before and you would like to get an impression of the race and the race track? These short movies (2017 and 2018) will most probably convince you to participate in 2019. We look forward to welcoming you.

Permission for the use of pictures and video shots

On the 6th of October 2018, during the Vechtrace, pictures will be taken and video’s will be made to be published on the official website of the Vechtrace and of RC Salland.

If you donot want your picture to be used for this purpose, please fill in the form available at the registration desk.

TrueSport at Vechtrace

As in previous years, TrueSport will be represented at the Vechtrace with a variety of high-quality clothing such as tights, unisuits and thermoshirts. TrueSport also sells a wide range of high-visibility rowing outfits.

Please join us for dinner!

Please join us for a drink and a meal at the cosy Club-house of R.C. Salland. A Chinese meal, including vegetarian dishes, will be served immediately after the award ceremony. Price: 12,50 (1 drink included). We look forward to receiving your This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before 1 October.




06 Sep 2019;
Registration opened
01 Oct 2019;
07:00PM -
Registration closed
02 Oct 2019;
11:00PM -
Start order known
05 Oct 2019;
08:00AM -
Vechtrace 2019
05 Oct 2019;
05:00PM -
Award ceremony
05 Oct 2019;
05:15PM -
Dinner after the race












Contact and Travel directions

Mail address and Boathouse:
Kanaaldijk West 2A
7783 DB Gramsbergen
Tel: 0524-561115


Travel directions

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